JOGA Mini Pad Sleeve Bundle

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Size: Adult 14+
Color: White

Whats included?

Introducing the ultimate JOGA Mini Pad Sleeve Bundle, curated to elevate your performance on the field. This sought-after bundle includes a perfect combination of 4x 'JOGA Performance Grip Socks 2.0' and 1 pair of 'JOGA Shin Pad Sleeve's'.


The 'JOGA Shin Pad Sleeve' is a testament to ultimate comfort and protection. With its incredibly light build, weighing under 50g, and a compact padded area of 10x6CM, you'll experience a weightless sensation during play while enjoying the highest levels of defense, thanks to the honeycomb anti-collision design. 🛡

Complementing the Shin Pad Sleeve, the 4 pairs of 'JOGA Performance Grip Socks 2.0' offer elite levels of traction, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. These grip socks are designed to enhance your footwork, ensuring you stay agile and grounded on the pitch. 

Together, this bundle is a dream come true for any aspiring footballer, providing you with the essential gear to take your game to new heights. Elevate your performance, maximize your protection, and minimize risks with the JOGA Mini Pad Sleeve Bundle. Step up your game and conquer the field with confidence! ⚽️🏆