JOGA Mini Shin Pads

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Size: 8x5cm
Color: White


Introducing the JOGA Mini Shin Pads - Your Game-Changing Solution for Bulky Shin Pads

Are your current shin pads hindering your performance on the field? Look no further than the JOGA Mini Shin Pads, meticulously designed with your comfort and safety in mind. At a compact size of 8x5cm and 10x6cm, they stand as the smallest pads on the market, delivering unparalleled comfort and protection.

DISCLAIMER: JOGA Soccer Essentials Ltd are not responsible for any injuries caused by using this product, Use at your own risk.

Why use them?

  • 💆🏽‍♂️ Experience Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort and irritation. Our JOGA Mini Shin Pads are engineered primarily for your comfort, allowing you to focus solely on your game.

  • 🪶 Feel Lighter on the Pitch: Embrace agility like never before. The lightweight design of our pads makes you feel swift and nimble on the field, giving you the competitive edge.

  • ⚽️ Look and Feel Like a Pro: Channel your inner Grealish, Elliott, or Elanga! With JOGA Mini Shin Pads, you'll exude the confidence and style of professional footballers. 

  • ❌ Unobstructed Touch: Never let bulky pads interfere with your touch again. Our innovative design ensures your movements remain unencumbered, empowering you to play at your best.

Who wears them

 Join the ranks of thousands of footballers who have made the switch to the modern and innovative JOGA Mini Pads! And that's not all - some HUGE names have also embraced these revolutionary pads as seen here.

Customise your JOGA's!

Personalize your very own unique JOGA Mini Shin Pads! Add your favorite photos and text, and we'll bring your design to life. Click here to unleash your creativity and craft the pads that truly represent you.

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